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Building blocks: Jumping into design systems

We’re kicking off a new type of Office Hours, where we’re bringing in experts to come in and talk all things Design Systems. Introducing Building Blocks, a series hosted by Chad and Jacob, who will walk us through what makes a Design System, where to start, and break down hot topics from documentation to the graphic standards of yesteryear.

For our inaugural stream, Chad and Jacob will bring it back to the basics. From sticker sheets to tokens, learn what makes a Design System work and how to jump into building one. We’ll leave half the session for your questions and send all registrants the recording and resources after the stream.


In the File: Building Brands Better with Outfit

Outfit’s mantra is to build brands better, so when it came time for their own re-brand, they knew it was time not only to drink their own Kool-aid, but spike it with jet fuel. Ultimately, the team used Figma and and their own brand management platform to find a balance of flexible, collaborative design and creative production at scale. Join to learn how the team at Outfit evolved and redesigned their brand language using design system methodologies, and see how they use their process to build brands better.


How we Jam: Facilitating a workshop, start to finish

Digital facilitation never looked so fun! Tune in to see how UX researcher Christa Simon and educator Miguel Cardona designs, facilitates, and hosts workshops, all online! From hybrid learning to virtual user research, join us to see How we Jam.

*This livestream has been rescheduled. All registrants from the Feb 25th date have been re-registered for the new date.


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