Amanda Kleha |
Design needs everyone: new plans for companies that design together
Today, we’re launching new FigJam plans, along with a new Figma Enterprise plan, to welcome more people into the design process.
Andrew Forbes |
What’s new in Figma: February 2022
A monthly round-up of the latest features, fixes, and finesse we’ve added to Figma and FigJam.
Alia Fite |
Jamming on FigJam: a journey from beta to GA
A conversation with Product Manager Emily Lin on how we took FigJam from inception to ship.
Marcin Wichary |
Little Big Updates: dispatches from Quality Week
Stories about seemingly-small bugs, and the art of distinguishing the little details from the little-big ones.
Sula Yang |
Little Big Updates: 32 fixes and features for a better workflow
We recently launched 32 updates across everything from shortcuts to design features.
Emily Jia |
From experiment to launch: how data shaped a new comments experience
Data Scientist Emily Jia on how we tested, iterated, and rolled out updates to comments in Figma
Alia Fite |
The year ahead: a conversation with Soleio, Julie Zhuo, and May-Li Khoe
On the design community, how creative work is changing, and what makes them optimistic about 2022.
Alia Fite |
Frame 2021: design by the numbers
As we round out 2021, we're sharing the trends, insights, and surprises we saw in Figma and FigJam this year.
Sula Yang |
What’s new in Figma: December 2021
A round-up of new features, fixes, and capabilities that we’ve added to Figma and FigJam recently.
Ana Boyer |
The Figma prototype challenge: 15 tips in 15 days
One of our Designer Advocates recently kicked off a two-week prototyping challenge to help teach the community about advanced prototyping techniques in Figma. Check out all of Ana’s 15 tips here.
Jillian Smith |
What’s new in Figma: November 2021
A round-up of new features, fixes, and capabilities that we’ve added to Figma and FigJam recently.
Ryhan Hassan |
Stay in the flow with redesigned comments
Today, we’re introducing updates to comments to make it more intuitive for teams to share, manage, and act on relevant feedback.
Alia Fite |
Behind the build: a Q&A with developer Gavin McFarland
In the third Q&A of the series, Gavin tells us more about his widget, managing tabular data in your workflow, and why he has a soft spot for diagrams. 
Jillian Smith |
From candidate interviews to developer crits: how Figma engineering uses FigJam to scale
We sit down with Figma’s engineering team to hear about how they break down complex problems, work through feedback together, and maintain close connections in a hybrid workplace.
Alia Fite |
Behind the build: a Q&A with developer Tekeste Kidanu
In the second Q&A of the series, Tekeste tells us what inspired his new widgets for FigJam, and what he's excited to tackle next. 
Alia Fite |
Behind the build: a Q&A with developer Tru Narla
We reached out to three developers to learn more about who they are, what they built, and what they’re working on next. Tru answers our Q&A and shares the story behind her Soundboard widget.
Sula Yang |
What’s new in Figma: October 2021
A round-up of new features, fixes, and capabilities that we’ve added to Figma and FigJam recently.
Nikolas Klein |
Interactive components: less wiring, more inspiring
Today, we’re introducing interactive components and a handful of smaller improvements to empower teams to more quickly explore, iterate, and share.
Priya Kotak |
​​Open sessions: jam with anyone, anywhere
Introducing Open sessions, a way for collaborators to join meetings and workshops without having to create an account.
Dylan Field |
Introducing new FigJam prices and a more open platform
Today, we’re announcing a number of changes that will help you bring more people into FigJam.
Rudi Chen, Slava Kim |
GraphQL, meet LiveGraph: a real-time data system at scale
Software Engineers Rudi Chen and Slava Kim shares an inside look at how we empower engineers to build real-time data views, while abstracting the complexity of pushing data back and forth.